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Corporate Wellness Packages

Prairie Athletic Club is excited to offer our Corporate Wellness program to you and your employees.  We offer a variety of educational opportunities, training options and other services to meet your needs.

In 2008, the annual premium for an employer health care plan covering a family of four was $12,700. This was the first year that the annual employee health care premiums surpassed the gross pay of full-time, minimum wage workers at $10,712.


Inventive employers are actively looking for alternative ways to reduce health care costs through a variety of cost cutting methods. Corporate wellness programs are quickly becoming the solution of choice with an average return of $3 for every $1 spent. Here are five of the top reasons why employers are choosing employee wellness programs to battle risking health care costs:


1. Decreased health care costs - Corporate wellness programs can literally save employers money on health care costs. Fully-insured corporations tend to see higher returns on investment as they are self-funded and every dollar saved literally goes back into the employer's pocket.


2. Reduced absenteeism - Healthier employees spend less time away from work. This means that products and services can be delivered more efficiently; there is less paid time off required; temporary employees are needed less often to cover for sick employees; and other employees are less likely to become ill.


3. Increased productivity - There is a strong correlation between employee health and employee productivity. Employee wellness programs can decrease stress, improve concentration, enhance communication between departments and employees and improve the job satisfaction of employees.


4. Increased employee loyalty - Wellness programs are perceived as an employee benefit. By maintaining an active corporate wellness program, it is easier to recruit future employees and keep current staff members from switching companies or working for competitors.


When employees are healthy:

•They are more productive

•Health care costs decrease

•Workman’s compensation claims decrease

•Attendance increases


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