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Our Vision
At Total Wellness, we strive to offer quality, integrated healthcare through our physical therapy, workers' compensation, mindfulness, sports enhancement, and biomat services.

Physical Therapy

Our experienced physical therapists work one-on-one with patients to address their pain and develop an individualized exercise program to meet their needs. We schedule appointments within 24-48 hours, accept a variety of insurance plans and offer private pay wellness services. 

We have access to the state-of-the-art exercise equipment and warm water therapy pool in the Prairie Athletic Club to further enhance our physical therapy services and to help you in the development of your individualized exercise program.  Aquatic physical therapy offers innumerable benefits and can be done year-round at the PAC.  This article from the American Physical Therapy Association outlines these benefits and provides you with 10 excellent exercises for the pool.

Workers' Compensation

We provide quality physical therapy to injured workers with 100% coverage regardless of your insurance.  In addition to your return to work, we will get you back to your life.  We offer appointments within 24-48 hours and have a variety of locations including Central/West Madison, McFarland and Oregon as well as our clinic in the Prairie Athletic Club.


Are you feeling stressed, tired or forgetful?  Are you looking for ways to handle life better under pressure? Our program provides mindfulness, relaxation and other techniques for both adults and children.

The benefits of mindfulness are sure to help you experience life in a calmer, more positive manner.  Several benefits include enhanced attention and concentration, achieving a sense of tranquility, improving health/sleep, increasing empathy/acceptance and developing natural conflict resolution skills by improving impulse control and self-awareness.


Sports Enhancement

Sports and overuse injuries in adolescent athletes can be especially serious.  Our program helps adolescents maintain active participation in sports by preventing injuries (or treating current injuries).  Our male and female physical therapists participated in collegiate athletics and; therefore, combine their knowledge and experience in athletics and physical therapy to provide a unique medical approach that helps athletes work smarter and perform better.


The biomat uses an exclusive combination of far infrared rays and amethyst crystals to provide an experience that is both relaxing and beneficial to one's health.  Learn about the science behind this technology on our website and call (608) 825-6637 to set-up an appointment - the first appointment is free for Prairie Athletic Club members (just mention promo code PAC, limited time only).

For more information, visit our website at www.movebreathelive.com or call (608) 825-6637.


Facility Hours

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Holiday Hours:

Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day


Christmas Eve 6am-4pm

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New Year's Day 8am-6pm.

CLOSED - Easter & Christmas Day.