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Nutritional Coaching

Are you frustrated with your current eating plan? Have you tried diets without success?  

Our Nutrition Specialist will provide you with a nutrition plan that will optimize performance, fuel your body and provide you with long term results without leaving you feeling deprived.

If it's a weight loss goal, maintenance or muscle/fitness enhancement, this plan will be customized to YOU and adjusted according to YOUR body through our Nutrition Coach.


Nutrition Coach Packages:
*4 weeks custom nutrition-$150 
*8 weeks custom nutrition-$280 (2 monthly installments of $140 each)
*12 weeks custom nutrition-$385 (3 monthly installments of $128.33 each)
*6 month custom nutrition-$695 (6 monthly installments of $115.83 each)

Please contact Erin at e.barth@prairieathletic.com with for more information.

What our members are saying:

After joining CrossFit in November 2015 I found that I really enjoyed making that part of my workout routine. I had been in CrossFit for close to a year when I decided I wanted to try a figure competition. My cousin Amy competed in figure about 3 years ago and was such an inspiration to me! One day when I was on Facebook, Erin Barth popped up in my "people you may know". I viewed her page and it seems like it was fate as she announced that same day that she was becoming a Personal Trainer at Prairie Athletic Club. We started training in October for my first competition in April.

When I started with Erin I was not counting macros and not really keen on my nutrition. She helped me understand the importance of macro counting. I was able to go from my starting weight of 170 to my competition weight of 130.  I was so happy with the outcome!  

It was such a great learning process and I was very happy to have Erin as my coach!  I can't wait until next season.

From the second I met Erin I knew she was a perfect fit for me and my goals. I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned these past 6 months.  The biggest being nutrition.  Erin has opened my eyes to a whole new world.  The macro world that is! I was a person that came from emotional eating. I would eat because I was happy, sad, the sun was shining, it was raining. You get my point right? Never did I truly understand the saying "eating healthy is a form of self-respect." Now I totally understand. This picture is proof of what fueling your body can do. I can't thank Erin enough for being there for me. When someone believes in you, you are unstoppable.

I have lost a total of 24 lbs, 6 inches off my waist and 7 jean sizes.  I was always known as the "big boned" girl and for once in my life I don't believe those words anymore. I am forever grateful for this journey and the friendships I have made. If I can inspire one person my job is complete.

Thank you Erin and thank you PAC for all your love and support!

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