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Temperatures may vary depending on class, please use the Mind Body website for current temps for each class.

Flow - This class will bring you Standing Poses and Sun Salutations to hip openers and spinal twists, expect a little of everything in this class suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners looking for a well-rounded practice that includes both strength and flexibility. (95 degrees) 

Yin - Warm but not too warm. Expect long deep stretches and Yin postures that work on opening connective tissue and deeply stored tension in the body, this is also Excellent for beginners and for athletes looking for a calming, deep stretch. (85-90 degrees)

Slow Flow - This class is a more open formatted class that will emphasize exploration of both the familiar and the new. Each class will include a slower flow practice to allow you to get familiar with each pose, get a little deeper, and hold postures, and releasing muscular tension, as well as the opportunity to challenge you in both basic and intermediate asanas with a lengthy relaxation to bring it home. (85-90 degrees)

Hot - This is the "classic" hot yoga class. Expect 26 postures repeated twice in the 90 minute class with some reductions for the 60 minute offering. No music, just breath, sweat and an intense experience that will leave you feeling strong and focused. An unchanging format means you can see your practice grow and change each week. (105 degrees)

IFF/Inner Fire Flow - This class is a moderately paced Vinyasa flow with some longer holds and plenty of heat! Inner Fire Flow is a sequenced class — meaning it is always the same order of poses — which combines many of the foundations of classic yoga poses found in a HOT yoga class with well-known Power Flow sequences. Because it is the same sequence every time, it enables practitioners to let go of external focus, calm the mind and experience the moment to its fullest, connecting being with breath. An Inner Fire Flow class will leave you feeling strong, energized, cleansed and centered. This class is offered in both a 60-minute sequence and a 75-minute sequence. (105 degrees)

Serenity Flow - This class combines the best of both worlds. You will start with a vigorous flow that will start the sweat pouring, then transition into a gentle Yin sequence and mediation to send you to a peaceful night’s sleep. (85-90 degrees)

Yoga Core - This class will leave you feeling long, lean, strong, and relaxed. A fusion of Pilates/core work and yoga to both work and open the body. Great for those who would like to improve core and low back strength. (90 degrees)

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