Holiday Specials~Classes

Holiday-MX4 Sessions

The 30 minute workout that addresses all four aspects of fitness-cardio, power, strength and endurance. 

Holiday~Pilates Reformer Sessions

Pilates Reformer is an exercise machine that will help strengthen your core, tone your body, increase flexibility & balance and improve overall posture.

Holiday~5 Bootcamp Classes

Bootcamp is large group training with high intensity interval exercises that challenge participants to their limits. This training is designed for those who have been exercising regularly and need more variety in their workouts. Our certified personal trainers provide the intensity and variety with the added accountability and motivation that comes with individuals that train and succeed as a team. Incorporating a vast array of tools (med balls, bands and kettle bells) in metabolic circuits to simultaneously develop strength, power, endurance, mobility, balance, flexibility and core stability. 

Sessions never expire!