Holiday Specials-Membership

Three Month Winter Gold Membership

Family rate includes immediate family members up to two adults & four children (under age 19). Temporary memberships do not include reciprocal rights to Harbor Athletic Club or Pinnacle Health & Fitness. 
Students must show student ID.

Please allow 1-2 business days for processing. Please bring in receipt and photo id to activate membership.

One Week Temporary Membership (Gold Cove/Em Plus)

Membership for two weeks, no commitment, you choose the start date!

Family rates apply to immediate family members from same household only-two adults and up to four children under the age of 19. Additional family members may be added with add-on rates.

If you have any questions please email Dan at

2021 Gold Cove Summer Membership Sale


Summer memberships pro-rated and valid through August 31.

Family 4-6 (2 adults and up to 4 children <19) $209
Family 3 (2 adults and 1 child <19) $179

Couple (1st 2 people ages 12+) $129
Adult + 3-4 children <12 $179
Adult + 1-2 children <12 $129
Single $109
Student or Senior $99

*Summer Memberships have been pro-rated and valid now-August 31, 2021
*Additional children (families with 5 or more children) may be added for $50 per person for the summer (under age 19)
*Additional adults living in the household may be added. Ages 19-23 at $105 each or ages 24+ at $169 each for the summer.
*Add Labor Day weekend for $30 

GOLD COVE MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES (*some restrictions may apply due to COVID-19 guidelines):
· Dolphins Cove & Adventure Lagoon outdoor water park
· Outdoor adult, family pool and sand volleyball
· 16 Foot HD Outdoor JumboTron TV
· Full group fitness class schedule (over 100 classes per week, five group fitness studios)
· Full aqua fitness class schedule
· Warm water classes
· Six racquetball courts
· Indoor soccer field
· Indoor track and sprint track (250 feet)
· Access to Prairie Athletic 24! 24 hour adult only workout facility located in the Liberty Square building ($45 access card required-one time fee)
· 1/2 off for guests (age 8+) you bring to Dolphins Cove
· All cardio equipment (more than 125 pieces with TV’s)
· Four lines of strength training equipment
· Large free-weight equipment
· Indoor family pool (100+ hours of family swim)
· Six lane lap pool with deep water (open swim time)
· 90° warm water pool (open swim time)
· Six basketball courts
· Private infrared saunas in men’s and women’s locker rooms
· Adult and family whirlpools
· Locker room facilities
· Senior classes (ages 62+)

Membership rates do not include Harbor Athletic Club or Pinnacle Health & Fitness-rates available upon request.

Student Memberships ~ A parent must accompany students under age 18 on their first visit to sign waivers. Students ages 12 and 13 are required to take a teen tag class to be in the building without an adult.

Additional specials available with your purchase!
$50 Concessions gift card for $40!
Buy 3 Dolphins Cove guest passes and get 2 FREE $39.56 (tax included)