1 on 1 Training

1 on 1 training is the traditional trainer working individually with one client—all for one goal! Our trainers will provide a unique program designed specifically for you in a comfortable environment that allows you to reach your goals.

Buddy Training

Buddy Training is a great way for two individuals who have similar fitness goals to work out together. Our trainers will provide the fun and challenging program while participants motivate each other to achieve success! Price listed is per person.

Team Training

Team training is for those who have a group of friends or teammates that want to train together.
We can also place individuals on a team for those who enjoy working in a group setting and want to meet new people with similar fitness goals.
Teams meet with a  trainer on a schedule determined by the team and motivate each other along the way. Price listed is per person.

1 on 1 Youth Training

1 on 1 Youth Training offers the opportunity to work with a qualified personal trainer. This package is only available to children under the age of 18. 

Youth Team Training

(Ages 9-18) Get your team together and train!

Each team will have a collective group workout and each individual will have specific drills/exercises catered to their needs.
Price listed is per athlete.